About Us

        At Toadman products we strive to bring our customers unique and creative products. We ourselves are huge nerds and take pride in wearing our fandoms for all to see. We are starting small focusing on select anime related products and plan to expand to other fandoms like sci fi and comics.

        A while back I remember ordering a t-shirt from one of the many nerd apparel stores out on the internet and having it arrive after almost a month in a dirty travel worn package from china. I also remember it fitting me about 2 sizes too small even though I had ordered my size. Because of this all of our products are made and shipped out of the United States. No having to wait for a month for your order to arrive and not getting the more accurate fit that you are accustomed to. 

      Another thing i distinctly remember is the quality of the t-shirt. It was a black t-shirt with an Akatsuki emblem from Naruto on the chest. I remember it looking and feeling like a giant plastic sticker had just been placed on it. I was so very disappointed that I don't think I ever wore it. Yes I paid very little for it. But definitely got what I paid for. Because of this all of our garments are Direct to Garment Printed for best quality and durability. I decided to have that same Akastuki Emblem shirt be the very first item for sale in our store and every time I wear it it reminds me of the quality and consideration that we have toward our customer.